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Hey there, I’ve prepared this form with the most common questions I ask when booking the job. In your message, any of the following information (if you have it) will help me prepare a quote faster.

  • Type of production/shooting style (narrative, commercial, documentary, reality, corporate, run & gun vs. sit-down interviews etc.)

  • Where? Shooting location/s (ie. stage, exterior, office, restaurant etc.)

    • if you have secured a shooting location let me know, the more information I have the better.

    • any anticipated problems/concerns?

  • Cameras:

    • What model? How Many?

    • need audio sent to camera/s?

  • Syncing footage

    • how do you plan to sync the footage?

      • using the internal mics or the audio sent to camera?

      • or will you need:

        • timecode slate?

        • timecode boxes on cameras?

  • Wireless Lavs

    • How many speaking talent?

  • Comteks/IFB

    • How many people need to listen in to the audio feed?

    • Script supervisor?

    • Director?

    • Clients?

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